I Have A Dream

BY ON January 23, 2013
We can learn a great deal about how to write well–and argue persuasively–from Joe Romm’s new book, Language Intelligence. This is actually a terrific guide to share with all our kids in high school and college; it is an invaluable resource, and an inspiration. Here...

TOPICS: Climate Change

Union Of Concerned Scientist’s Clean Air Act “Ticker”

BY ON January 18, 2013
This is from MCAF’s newest partner, Union of Concerned Scientists:  The Clean Air Act  has a 40-year track record of cutting dangerous pollution to protect human health and the environment. Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this legislation has prevented thousands of premature deaths and...

TOPICS: Asthma, Cancer, Clean Air Act, Clean Air Rules and Regulations, EPA, Pollution

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