Gina McCarthy Confirmed!

BY ON July 18, 2013
Tens of thousands of Moms Clean Air Force members like you sent messages to your Senators urging them to confirm President Obama’s nominee to lead the EPA. Today, the U.S. Senate has acted and Gina McCarthy is now the head of the EPA. Find out...

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An Interview With Carl “The Fish”

BY ON July 18, 2013
*For reasons of privacy, name and species have been changed and/or generalized for this interview: Danny Shanahan for Moms Clean Air Force: First, Carl, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy evolving schedule to answer a few questions for our...

TOPICS: Mercury Poisoning


BY ON July 18, 2013
Decenas de miles de miembros de Moms Clean Air Force como usted enviaron mensajes a sus senadores instándolos a confirmar a la candidata del presidente Obama para dirigir a EPA. Hoy, el Senado de Estados Unidos ha actuado y Gina McCarthy es ahora la directora de...

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