Rebuild Green And Resilient

BY ON October 15, 2013
It is the ultimate irony: the extreme weather events that have shaken so many American communities recently, have created opportunities to reduce the build-up of greenhouse gases that could be responsible for those events. Extreme Weather Leads To Disasters And Green Opportunities Superstorm Sandy. The...

TOPICS: Heat and Extreme Weather

5 Ways The Outdated Chemical Toxic Law Makes Us Sick

BY ON October 10, 2013
The major law regulating chemicals in commerce is dizzying. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed 37 years ago this week. It’s never been amended, updated, or reworked, and its outdated approach harms our children. In the 37 years since TSCA was passed, we’ve...

TOPICS: Toxics

EPA Adminstrator McCarthy Makes A “Moral Obligation To The Next Generation”

BY ON October 9, 2013
As part of the push to inform the public about how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be moving forward on reducing carbon pollution, administrator Gina McCarthy recently took the stage at the National Press Club in Washington. In her opening remarks, Administrator McCarthy referenced...

TOPICS: Asthma, Clean Air Rules and Regulations, EPA, Heat and Extreme Weather, Michigan, Politics

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