Playing With Poison: Flame Retardants And Children

BY ON December 9, 2013
It seems everywhere researchers look these days, they find toxic flame retardant chemicals. Last month the Center for Environmental Health released a report on flame retardants in children’s furniture. The Center commissioned a Duke University researcher to test the foam in 42 products. All but...

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10 Tweetable Facts About Natural Gas

BY ON December 8, 2013
  Please SHARE these 10 TWEETS with your Twitter followers right now! 1. The entire process of gas development is contributing to potentially hazardous levels of air pollution >> Tweet this << 2. Methane leaks from natural gas pipelines and fracking equipment are called “fugitive...

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Natural gas and air pollution facts

BY ON December 7, 2013
AIR POLLUTION Air pollution from natural gas development is a growing problem. There is a great deal of uncertainty about exactly how much hazardous pollution is being emitted into our air during the development and processing of natural gas. But scientists know enough to be...

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