10 Indicators Of A Warming World

BY ON April 6, 2014
When looking for evidence of global warming, there are many different indicators that we should look for. While it’s natural to start with air temperature, a more thorough examination should be as inclusive as possible: snow cover, ice melt, air temperature over land and sea,...

TOPICS: Climate Change

Interview: Dr. Susan Nagel, PhD

BY ON April 4, 2014
This is an interview with Dr. Susan Nagel, PhD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at the University of Missouri School of Medicine: MCAF: Can you tell us what an endocrine disrupting chemical is? Dr. Susan Nagel: An endocrine disrupting chemical as defined by the...

TOPICS: Toxics

Finding Hope In The Pale Blue Dot

BY ON April 3, 2014
This week’s report on our changing climate, from a distinguished group of international scientists, was the most heart-wrenching yet. Rising seas, acidifying oceans, melting ice caps, worsening droughts, floods, heat waves, and intensifying migrations and extinctions: all these are happening more rapidly than scientists had predicted...

TOPICS: Activism, Climate Change

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