EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Goes To The Vatican To Discuss The ‘Moral Issue’ Of Climate Change

BY ON January 28, 2015
  This post written by Ari Phillips originally posted at Climate Progress: Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will make a short visit to the Vatican on Friday to discuss climate change. According to the National Catholic Reporter, McCarthy, an Irish Catholic from...

TOPICS: Clean Air Rules and Regulations, Climate Change, EPA, Religion

889 Million Dollars

BY ON January 28, 2015

 889 million dollars. I can’t stop thinking about that number. That’s the amount of funding the Koch brothers are committing to get the president they want into the White House. 889 million dollars. Will that buy oil and gas companies the right to pollute...

TOPICS: Activism, Ozone, Politics

Smog Makes Pets Sick

BY ON January 26, 2015
Many of us have kids whose asthma gets markedly worse when it’s smoggy outside. But I’ve noticed that bad air makes my pets sick, too. Until a few months ago I had a wonderful mutt named, Heaven. I still have a spunky cat named, Nike....

TOPICS: Ozone, Pennsylvania, Utah

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