Victory: Plastic Microbead Pollution Ban

BY ON January 14, 2016
  Microplastic has become an insidious source of pollution in our lakes, streams, and oceans. The tiny plastic beads are added to face wash, body scrub, cleansers, and even toothpaste to provide more scrubbing power. Scientists estimate there are about 300,000 microbeads in an average bottle...

TOPICS: Activism, Politics, Toxics

DuPont’s Deadly Deceit In Your Kitchen

BY ON January 13, 2016
Follow the trail of the DuPont corporation’s toxic chemical PFOA, a chemical used in the manufacture of Teflon — and see how grievously broken our current system of chemical regulation is. We badly we need a law that protects public health. For decades, the chemical giant, DuPont,...

TOPICS: Ohio, Toxics

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