Foul and Dangerous Moves in Congress

BY ON July 8, 2016
Politicians with hidden agendas are nothing new. But you need to know about their latest trick. They must be stopped. Climate deniers and their corporate cronies are hiding their destructive and dangerous plans inside overlooked spending bills — ones with poisonous provisions that seek to...

TOPICS: Climate Change, Politics

Why the Increase in Solar-Powered Schools?

BY ON July 5, 2016
This was written by Jake DiRe for Triple Pundit, via EEN:  Out of the 125,000 K-12 schools in the United States, over 3,700 are running on solar power. Three-thousands of these schools installed their solar power systems within the past six years, as solar technology continues to become less expensive and more sophisticated. This...

TOPICS: Renewable Energy, Schools

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