Ban Fireworks?

BY ON July 3, 2012

Fireworks pollution cartoon

What’s not to love about 4th of July fireworks? Apparently, there’s a few issues that cause me to pause and wonder what else we’re shooting up into the sky. Issues? According to this post“Fireworks contain a nasty concoction of toxic chemicals, from lead, barium, chromium, dioxins and even carbon monoxide as well as particle-filled smoke which irritates the lungs.” 

Even if the risk of airborne toxins are low where you lay your blanket down to watch a spectacular fireworks display, fireworks could endanger migratory birds. And many cities and towns in the West are calling for a firework ban because of an increased fire risk in areas that are already devastated by wildfires.

Like the little girl above, our oldest daughter always hated fireworks because of the booming noise. It seems now we may have other reasons to avoid watching fireworks. However, we can still get out the blanket and have a good old fashioned picnic!


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