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Get Toxic Dust Out Of Your House

BY ON November 15, 2013
This was written by Kaye Spector. It originally appeared on EcoWatch: Sure, dust in your house is annoying. But did you know it could be toxic? One study by the Silent Spring Institute identified 67 hormone-disrupting compounds in household dust tests, including flame retardants, home-use pesticides and phthalates. Industrial chemicals like...

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Asthma Q & A

BY ON November 14, 2013
Disclaimer: this is meant to be used as a reference only, not a medical guide. Please consult your physician for any serious medical questions.      

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10 Tweetable Facts About Asthma

BY ON November 12, 2013
Please SHARE these 10 TWEETS with your Twitter followers right now! Asthma accounts for an annual loss of more than 14 million school days per year >> Tweet this << The annual direct cost of asthma in the US is approximately $11.5 billion >> Tweet...

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