Author: Molly Rauch

Molly RauchMolly Rauch is a mom who lives and works in Washington, DC. As Public Health Policy Director for Moms Clean Air Force, she builds relationships with public health organizations and develops alliances and partnerships with them. She also writes about public health science and policy for Moms Clean Air Force. Her writing on environmental health has appeared in,, and Huffington Post, among other publications. A native New Yorker, she holds a master’s degree in public health.

One Nation, Under Cleaner Skies

BY ON July 12, 2011
This piece was written by Molly Rauch The EPA announced new rules to cut smog in Eastern states this week, and the familiar players lined up toe to toe on their well-worn battle lines. The rules are expensive and kill jobs! The rules are efficient...

TOPICS: Asthma, Politics, Pollution