Author: Mat McDermott

Mat McDermottMat McDermott is an environmental leader and commentator; a storyteller, photographer, filmmaker, and writer; a lifelong outdoors enthusiast and nature lover. Driving his work is the conviction that our current external environmental, social, and interpersonal issues are but surface symptoms of a deeper, fractured relationship most of us have with the natural world around us and a disconnection from the spiritual dimension of life and the unity of being. Mat lives with his wife and son in the East Village of Manhattan.

Interview: Protecting Winter from Climate Change

BY ON February 29, 2016
With the winter of 2015/2016 closing fast, and El Niño (augmented by rising temperatures from climate change) causing heavy snows in California but leaving New England much drier than normal, it seemed a perfect time to talk shop with Protect Our Winters (POW), the leading climate action...

TOPICS: Climate Change, Dads