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Dominique BrowningDominique Browning is the co-founder and Senior Director of Moms Clean Air Force, a special project of the Environmental Defense Fund. She is a writer and editor — and the mother of two sons. She blogs at Slow Love Life and writes regularly for the New York Times and Dominique contributes to W, Wired, Whole Living, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications. She has spent most of her journalistic career in the magazine world, as an editor at Esquire, Texas Monthly, Newsweek, and House & Garden. She is the author of several books; the most recent is SLOW LOVE: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, & Found Happiness.

Why Moms?

BY ON January 10, 2012
I’ve been asked more than a few times why we are Moms Clean Air Force…and not Moms and Dads, or Parents….or The People’s Clean Air Force. All good possibilities. But here’s how Moms came about: there’s lots of energy online among self-styled “mommy bloggers”–and many...

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Adele, Song And Air Pollution!

BY ON December 19, 2011
Adele is fabulous. She’s up for six Grammy Awards on Sunday. And just like she has grabbed our hearts, she’s sure to grab her deserved share of awards. Adele’s blog is full of charm, too. As my heart is unusually full of her songs, I...

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We Need Your Help!

BY ON December 4, 2011
The polluter lobby is now pressuring the White House to fundamentally weaken–or add gaping loopholes to–the urgently needed Mercury and Air Toxics Standards—just as this rule is about to be posted. I urge moms–and dads–to rally: Please tell President Obama that you support this important...

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Who Speaks For The Trees?

BY ON November 30, 2011
In 1971, Dr. Seuss introduced children to resource management and environmental degradation. Well, of course, he didn’t use big boring words like that. Instead, he spun an entrancing tale, told by the ancient Once-ler, of a land of fantastical creatures — Swomee Swans, Bar-ba-Loots, and...

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