World Asthma Day Lunchbox Installation

On World Asthma Day, Tuesday May 2, Moms Clean Air Force and partners are installing lunchboxes and lunch trays at Columbus Circle (near Union Station) in Washington, DC. The installation represents the 77,000 children that miss school every day because of asthma and will highlight the real cost of dismantling public health protections.

As the Trump Administration and their allies in Congress rollback public health protections and cut funding to protect our air, our children’s lungs will suffer the consequences. So will their education. President Trump’s policies to cut funding to EPA, reverse rules on ozone and America’s Clean Power Plan and limit investment in clean energy will impact children with asthma. Although asthma is a complex disease with multiple causes, air pollution makes it worse. Air pollution triggers asthma incidents in children who have the disease, it can cause asthma to develop in otherwise healthy children.

Every day, 77,000 children miss school because of complications related to asthma–more than 13 million days of school are missed each and every day. America’s children lose out on education and wholesome meals when they can’t go to school. 40% of the installation will include lunch trays, representing the 31 million children living in poverty that rely on free or reduced school lunches. When they miss school because of asthma, some children miss the chance for a healthy meal.


Stand in solidarity with families by donating a lunchbox to be included in the installation. At the conclusion of the installation, Moms Clean Air Force will donate all lunchboxes to Martha’s Table.

Ship your lunchbox to:

Moms Clean Air Force
c/o Alyson Lee
1875 Connecticut Ave. Suite 600
Washington, DC 20009

You can also make a $20 donation and Moms Clean Air Force will install a lunchbox and make a donation in your name.

Add your voice! Fill out a lunchbox note to be included in the installation on May 2.


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