A Republican Mom Has A Message for GOP Hopefuls

BY ON August 18, 2011

 Abbie Walston, Republican for pollution controlI think it’s time for Republican politicians to stand up for the people who elect them. It’s time for you to represent us, represent me. I am the mother of a young child, and I want to have more children. I’m also a Republican.

You cannot say that you feel strongly about family values and then choose to allow polluters to make children sick.

I am saddened by Republican plans to gut the Clean Air Act, to cut funding for and reduce the power of the Environmental Protection Agency. A vote to allow more pollution is a vote against children, their health and their future. Currently, coal-fired power plants release 386,000 tons of hazardous air pollutants each year, including mercury, dioxins, toluene, benzene, lead, formaldehyde, acid gases and radioactive materials. I’m tired of the government allowing polluters to continue to poison our air, waterways and soil. Emissions regulations need to be strengthened.

Infants, children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are particularly vulnerable to pollution. One in ten women of child-bearing age has dangerous levels of mercury in her blood, and each year more than 400,000 newborns are affected by mercury pollution which can lead to a multitude of health effects including brain damage, learning disabilities, vision and hearing problems. Asthma and allergies are at epidemic proportions, and yet polluters are allowed to continue spewing toxins into the air.

As a member of the Republican Party, I want a presidential candidate who cares about the health of American children, our future generations and the future of this country, and won’t allow polluters to make my family sick. I would love to be able to cast a vote for a Republican candidate who is willing to tell polluters that it’s time to clean up their acts. Be brave enough to make children’s health and a clean environment a priority in your campaign.

Republicans, Conservatives, Independents…are you out there? Are you ready to fight for what you truly believe in? I know there must be many, many other moms who care about the environment. Please introduce yourselves, and tell us how you fight for your children’s health! Don’t forget to sign up for the Moms Clean Air Force!

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