All I Want For Mother’s Day Is…

BY ON May 11, 2012

Child with mother on bench

It’s simple, really. Not flowers, or dark chocolate.


I’m really not sure why it is so hard for our country to act in the best interest of its most vulnerable – our children. Maybe it is because babies don’t vote. Children don’t have any money. They don’t have a lobby. Our children don’t make large donations to PACs, and they don’t run multi-national corporations.

But they will. And they will be the ones taking care of us when we are old and in need. They will be the ones dealing with the problems we as a generation could not solve. Global warming and the extreme weather that results. The diminishing middle class. Poverty, fractured families, and poisoned air, water and soil (the list goes on).

We will need them. And now, our nation’s children need us to stop putting corporate interests in front of precaution. When babies are born pre-polluted with industrial chemicals from the air, water, and products we use, we are poisoning our collective future.

I am asking is for two things:

1.  That we keep the EPA strong in its ability to protect families. We need to preserve the new Mercury/Air Toxics Rule which will save lives, lessen illnesses and hospital visits, and improve school attendance and student learning. Our nation’s children deserve to go to schools where the air does not poison them, and where they can thrive, learn and grow.

2. That Congress passes the Safe Chemicals Act, finally acting to update the permissive Toxic Substances Control Act. Chemicals need to be tested for safety BEFORE they are put in products to be sold.  Sounds like common sense, but in America, it is still not true. We need to follow the precautionary principal in how we regulate chemicals, food, water, and pharmaceuticals.

I don’t my daughters to have to fight like this to protect their children. It should be common sense, a village taking care of their children. I hope that my girls do not have to worry that the air is poisoning their children, that the products and food they buy will harm their families. I hope they don’t ever have to consider these issues– I hope they can focus on spending time together: reading, singing, dancing, living…. instead.

What about you? What do you want for Mother’s Day?


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