Air Pollution, Alzheimer’s and Your Aging Brain

BY ON February 3, 2017

older women touching her hand to her head, air pollution could increase her chances of developing dementia

Could your brain be polluted? When a neuroscientist studying aging and the human brain says, “I think [air pollution] will turn out to be just the same as tobacco – there’s no safe threshold,” we take notice.

While we know the health risks of inhaling fine and ultrafine particles can lead to asthma, lung cancer and, heart disease, now there’s evidence that the likelihood of developing dementia is increased in older women exposed to heavy air pollution – compared to those who breathed mostly clean air.

With environmental regulations on the Trump administration’s chopping block, including gutting the Clean Air Act, those living in major polluted cities could become more and more unhealthy.

This article in Science Magazine about the growing evidence that dirty air causes dementia, and possibly Alzheimer’s Disease, is a must read for all mothers and grandmothers.



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