Only Two Words Count

BY ON November 25, 2014
Only two words count right now: Thank you. Together, we have done amazing things this year. We’ve marched. We’ve met with legislators. We’ve made noise. Lots of noise. So far nearly 170,000 of you have signed our petition to support the first ever protections from...

TOPICS: Activism, Carbon Pollution, EPA

WE ACT For Environmental Justice: “Moms Make The Connection Between Their homes And What Is Making Their Family Sick.”

BY ON November 3, 2014
  This past March, a gas explosion that leveled two buildings and killed eight people, devastated the East Harlem community in New York City. For a neighborhood already facing environmental challenges, it was a major blow. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal pointed...

TOPICS: Activism, African-American Community, Air Pollution, New York