Fracking Pollution

Methane, the main component of natural gas, is a powerful greenhouse gas — 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in the first 20 years of its release. Leaks in wellheads, pipes, and other equipment — as well as intentional venting of methane directly into the atmosphere — make climate change worse, and are wasteful. National standards to limit this dangerous pollution will have the added benefit of cleaning up the air in local communities, because where methane is leaking, so are other dangerous co-pollutants like benzene and VOCs.

TRANSCRIPT: This is what you see. This is what you get – 9 million tons of invisible, harmful industrial pollution like methane, benzene and other toxics leaking into our air every year – near where our kids live, learn and play.

Industrial pollution can cause headaches, asthma attacks, even cancer. And it makes climate change worse. So even though the air looks fine, it’s not.

The Environmental Protection Agency should take strong action to limit this harmful industrial pollution from the oil and gas industry.  Kids shouldn’t have to breathe dirty air.

Tell the EPA: We may not be able to see this dangerous industrial pollution, but we can stop it.

TRANSCRIPT: Sometimes, you can’t see the industrial pollution near your kid’s school, but infrared cameras reveal the toxic truth behind oil and gas industry leaks. Take action – tell your lawmakers it’s time to stop the leaks.

TRANSCRIPT: Where our kids live should be safe… But infrared video reveals invisible industrial pollution from oil and gas facilities, threatening our neighborhoods and our kids’ health. Take action – tell your lawmakers it’s time to stop the leaks.

TRANSCRIPT: If you knew a playground wasn’t safe, would you let your kids play there? Infrared video reveals invisible industrial pollution spewing from oil and gas facilities, near our kids while they play. Take action, tell your lawmakers it’s time to stop the leaks.


“It has saddened me in ways I’d never thought possible to watch my son’s teammates have to sit out of a soccer practice because of an asthma attack. These children want so badly to run as fast as they can and yet, they are sidelined yet again because of environmental irritants that trigger a disease they don’t deserve!” –Laura Burns, Mansfield, OH


“The San Juan Basin Four Corners Region is home to two of the dirtiest power plants in the country, and two coal mines. The area is also surrounded by fracking and oil & gas production. It’s the largest point source of methane and carbon pollution in the entire country! We live in the middle of this. It has always been a sacrifice zone to big energy with little to no recourse for the health and environment of the people, the land, air and water. We suffer in silence no more!” –Sarah White and Victoria Gutierrez, San Juan Basin, NM


“Poisons from pollution don’t belong in our air or in our communities, smart national methane protections will help keep them out. Did you know that fixing methane pollution will cut smog-forming pollution that triggers asthma attacks? As a Chicana who had childhood asthma this is significant for me, as Latinos are 3 times more likely to die from asthma than other racial or ethnic group in the U.S.” –Angela Alfaro, Denver, CO