6 Ways to Fight For Clean Air (grab your cape!)

BY ON July 8, 2011

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Black and white picture of Linda Carter as Wonder WomanMost of the mamas I know are super heroes. They make lunches late into the night. They not only manage work responsibilities, but birthdays, grocery lists, meal plans, complex likes and dislikes of their children, sleep schedules, play dates, vacation planning and packing, and not in the least, they advocate for the health and welfare of their kids. When that is threatened look out– they are all powerful.

That’s what we need. To unleash a torrent of mama super powers to fight for clean air. We’ll need the unified parental force to combat the multi-billion dollar corporations unwilling to clean up their pollution containing toxic mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

So, what can you do? Plenty!

Check out these ways you can save lives, prevent asthma attacks, increase educational opportunities, and provide kids with more healthy outdoor experiences:

1. Send the EPA a comment. The EPA has just released the first ever proposed rule to regulate toxic mercury, heavy metals, and other harmful pollutants from coal plants. The rule would save 17,000 lives in its first year alone (many of them children). So grab your cape and send the EPA a comment in support of this new rule. The 60 comment period is happening now– and they need to hear from concerned parents because they are surely hearing from the coal industry.

2. Join the Moms Clean Air Force. This growing group of moms (and dads) is organizing to stand for clean air for our families. We’ll reach out when important action is needed, and you can learn more and be inspired from the blog and regular webinars.

3. Write, email, or call (or better yet meet with) your Senators and representatives about the importance of clean air. Bring a group of your friends–maybe with their babies– and tell your representatives to stand strong with the EPA. I plan on doing this in Vermont soon, so get ready to join me, Vermont friends.

4. Can’t meet? Send your representatives a photo of you and your child and hand written note about why clean air is important to you. I’ve learned this is the best way to make an impact with lawmakers.

5. Tell your friends! Parent strength and love is a magnified and beautiful force when we work together. This is not a partisan issue– tell your friends how the EPA rule will save lives, lessen asthma rates, and increase the health and well being of children everywhere. Join the MCAF Facebook page for important updates and ways to be involved, and share it with your friends.

6. Share your story. Do you have a story about polluted air and its health impacts? Share it and the Moms Clean Air Force will collect them and send them up to congress so your voice can be heard.

Grab your capes, friends, we need your voice, your power, and your time. You can make a difference in lives of countless American families.

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