3 Posts You Don’t Want To Miss With MCAF Co-Founder, Dominique Browning

BY ON March 26, 2012

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Moms Clean Air Force co-founder, Dominique Browning is an activist mom devoted to sharing her passion about what she believes will be the biggest problem our children will face…

From Women’s Voices For Change:

Why focus specifically on clean air? Why not clean oceans, for example?

DB: The worst thing happening to oceans today is acidification. We have actually altered the chemistry of those vast waters—and we are causing die-off of coral reefs, with unimaginable consequences to ocean and air systems. But guess what? That’s happened because of air pollution. Air pollution is at the heart of our biggest environmental problems.

Mercury is emitted from coal-fired power plants, cement kilns, and other industrial sources, and it rains down into water, converts into methylmercury, and is ingested up the food chain, bio-magnifying and bio-accumulating as it rises. We eat contaminated fish, and we become poisoned. READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

White flowering treeFrom Whole Living magazine:

DB: Global warming–what I now refer to as “climate disruption,” that’s how severe it has become–is the issue that really gets to me. I would sit up late into the night, peering at my computer screen, trying to understand. We puny humans have poured so much pollution into our air that we are perverting our climate, melting icebergs and glaciers, thawing the permafrost, altering ocean currents, changing the patterns of floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes.

How could we be so powerful as to be capable of creating such huge trouble–and be so small-minded when it comes to fixing it? As with so many issues, we know what to do — cut carbon pollution — we just can’t muster the national, or global, willpower and clarity to do the right thing. Politics and polluters’ millions keep getting in the way. I began to feel overwhelmed. I wanted to do more than just write about the problem. But what? Mine was just one small voice. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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From Green Talk:

The Green Gal Next Door of the week is Dominique Browning, co-founder of the Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF.) This organization is a grass root effort shining a light on the effects of air pollution in this country. Dominique has woven together a group of diverse mom and dad bloggers with a sprinkle of Hollywood star power to lend their voices to the cause. Each telling a story of how air pollution is harming us.

Dominique has wonderful vision for this organization. Listen to the podcast or watch the video as she explains why she co-founded MCAF. READ FULL POST HERE


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