10 Reasons To Stop Rand Paul’s Attack On The “Good Neighbor” Rule

BY ON November 9, 2011

Smokestack spewing pollutionTomorrow at noon, your Senators will be voting on a piece of legislation introduced by Sen. Rand Paul that targets the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, also called the “Good Neighbor” rule.

Undoing this rule would mean that one state can continue to dump its pollution into another state, sickening its neighbors.  Adding more insult to injury, Paul’s bill could also prevent EPA from ever issuing a similar rule again!

Need more reasons to contact your Senator and urge him or her to fight against this assault on clean air? Here are 10:

1. Your family’s health. The impacts from upwind air pollution fall hardest on children and the elderly, but they can affect everyone, including otherwise healthy adults.

2. The Good Neighbor rule will save up to 34,000 lives every year.

3. The benefits from this rule is up to $280 billion per year, which greatly outweighs the costs of about $2.4 billion.

4. The Good Neighbor rule will avoid 15,000 heart attacks per year.

5. Undoing this rule will harm the many businesses that made investments in clean air technologies and cleaner generating sources.

6. The Good Neighbor rule will prevent 400,000 asthma attacks per year.

7. If Sen. Paul’s legislation passes, some companies could decide to turn off already installed pollution control equipment, leading to an increase in emissions.

8. The Good Neighbor rule will improve air quality for over 240 million Americans per year.

9. The Good Neighbor rule will avoid 1.8 million lost work and school days due to respiratory illnesses every year.

10. Parents’ powerful voices need to be heard! Congress must know we parents are watching to make sure they pass laws that protect our children.

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