Young Evangelicals Take On Global Warming With Prayer

BY ON October 10, 2012

Young people raising their hands together toward the sky

I’m a strong believer that climate change is the highest moral issue of our time. Just because one is a Conservative, or religious, or some combination of both; there is no reason to ignore the climate crisis. Young people of all political and religious persuasions are teeming with ambition and enthusiasm, and want to take on the world’s problems. Want to know what is so awesome about this fact? When young men and women are passionate about something before they become parents, they carry their convictions with them once their lives are forever changed by diapers and 2 am feedings. This is true for a young group that is pushing the Presidential Candidates to talk about global warming.

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

Recently, I was introduced to the Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) and my heart was warmed by the energy of this group! Every member of the steering committee is less than 30 years old, well educated and passionate about showing the religious community that it is our responsibility to work as citizens of a nation to influence action against climate change. They believe God holds Christians accountable for caring for the Earth. And each member of YECA is committed to educating others of this responsibility.

YECA members are focusing their efforts right now in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida, with the potential for future expansion. They place a high priority on prayer and people. The prayer is both for the people and about the climate crisis. As educated advocates and activists, the YECA works with campaign offices and organizes prayer gatherings.

“Global warming is not merely a theoretical issue; it’s a profoundly personal reality. The climate crisis has countless faces, names, and stories. We want to gather and share these stories, whether they are our own testimonies of awakening to the climate crisis, or those of our many global neighbors who are suffering from the impacts. They remind us why we are in this fight, and of all the lives that are at stake.” ~ Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

This is a relatively new group, founded in February of 2012. Their main focus so far has been to get President Obama and Governor Romney to make a commitment to work toward educating about the climate crisis. They want to make sure a commitment to solving our climate crisis is not just a campaign promise, but also a national priority.

If you are interested in joining this group’s efforts, consider signing their Call to Action and getting involved. The opportunities for action can be as simple as sharing their Climate Testimony videos on social media outlets, or as involved as becoming a local organizer.

How we can work towards an end to Global Warming:

I share YECA’s viewpoint that Global Warming is ominous. But this is the time our world needs us, and this is an opportunity to reach out to those who share our planet. I see that we have four opportunities to support an end to global warming:

  1. to transform the world’s economies into clean energy economies
  2. to create millions of sustainable jobs
  3. to eliminate an incredible amount of deadly and debilitating pollution
  4. to work so that sustainable economic progress will become the norm in the majority world

The movement to protect our Earth and our children’s future will never be done, and every bit of effort provides another ounce of influence in the world. Along with Moms Clean Air Force,  YECA is educating and using their reach to help us achieve this goal. Global Warming is our responsibility on this Earth and no one can afford to stand idly by.


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  • ” … climate change is the highest moral issue of our time … ”

    Considering how we are told on no uncertain terms that skeptic climate scientists are corrupted by fossil fuel industry money, prompting them to lie to the public about what is termed to be ‘settled science’, yet not an iota of proof has been offered showing us a single instance of money exchanged for demonstratively false fabricated science reports or assessments, doesn’t that potentially wipe out your assertion?

    When we only see guilt-by-association money figures quoted by and those end up up looking like starvation wages when anyone does the math for them, does this not indicate a huge problem? When we see an infamous memo quote about the scientists operating under a directive to “reposition global warming as theory rather than fact”, but the memo itself is never shown in its full context by anyone who claims it is proof positive of a ‘big oil / skeptic scientist’ conspiracy (Al Gore for example, or the book author he says who supposedly discovered the memo), does the problem not grow exponentially larger?

    What happens if the idea of man-caused global warming is a phenomenon having pre-existing doubt within it from the start about what causes it, and skeptics are not ‘fabricating doubt’ about the issue but are instead pointing to what is already there, and people who accuse of corruption look like they are fabricating doubt about the skeptics’ credibility in order to distract the public away from what the skeptics are pointing to?

    What you have in that case are particular people breaking the 9th Commandment and others who blindly follow them, is that not correct? If it turns out that the narrative about skeptic scientists being unworthy of consideration was a sham going back 20 years, this turns from being a matter of science to potentially one of the bigger moral problem in recent history.

    Does it not?