Mother Love Is A Force of Nature

BY ON August 23, 2011

Moms Clean Air Force has a newly designed website, and I’m delighted to welcome you to our community. We’re creating a movement for people who see air pollution as a straightforward, urgently important health issue.

Our goals are simple: educate people about why air pollution is still a big problem; raise awareness about what’s at stake politically; inspire people to take simple, fast action to send Washington a message.

We know moms are busy. But moms are also extraordinarily protective of their children’s health. We specialize in Naptime Activism.

Our bloggers take our message into their communities, reaching millions of readers. We network on Facebook and Twitter. Our growing community includes nurses, doctors, scientists, politicians, novelists, journalists, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, knitters and bakers–concerned moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons.

Air pollution is harmful to everyone with a beating heart.

Air pollution contains toxins that harm people’s brains, lungs, and hearts. It is affecting our food and water. Children are especially vulnerable to toxic pollutants; Latino and African American babies suffer disproportionately from poisoned air. While there are lots of things we can do, as individuals, to keep our children safe at home, no one can control the air they breathe. We need regulations for that.

We’re all for respecting reasonable, efficient government budgets. But we don’t want our babies thrown out with the bathwater.

President Nixon’s Clean Air Act of 1970, and the agency he founded, the Environmental Protection Agency, have accomplished a great deal in cleaning American air and water. But the work isn’t done. The sky might be blue, but that doesn’t mean it is clean. In forty years, we’ve learned much more about invisible pollutants that wreak havoc on our health, causing neurological and developmental problems. Asthma rates among children are skyrocketing.

Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is poisonous. Polluters are fighting for the right to pollute!

The Clean Air Act and the EPA are facing an unprecedented attack by some politicians and coal and oil industry lobbyists. That’s because emissions from coal-fired power plants are the single largest contributor to mercury toxins in our air.

Many responsible coal plant owners have done the right thing and cleaned up their toxic air emissions. It hasn’t hurt their bottom lines at all–they’re making record profits. The EPA has created thousands of jobs for Americans in the last forty years–in sectors from research to enforcement to engineering to new technology development.

Air pollution can be cleaned up. Please join Moms Clean Air Force to make our voices loud and clear. Send politicians a forceful message: Strengthen and enforce pollution regulations!

Polluters have power, money and political influence. But moms have love. And that’s the strongest force of all. Now we have to use it.

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  • Truth: The largest source of mercury is wood smoke pollution not coal power plant smoke. Research L.A where the pm from fireplaces alone is 4 times the pm from coal plants. The mercury pollution could be even more becase coal plants have pm control that removes mercury to some extant and fireplaces have no control. The ash flies from wood burning more than for coal combustion. Coal combustion is limited to a few places in developed countries, but wood burning from free wood is the most prevalent form of pollution around the world. I lived 10 miles from a coal power plant and travelled in the plume so I know. Coal smoke pollution is bad, you are right, lot’s of books have written on it but it is not worse than wood smoke. In fact, in the grand scheme of things coal is cleaner than wood. Energy sources have evolved. There was an age of wood energy. Then an age of coal energy. Then oil. natural gas. And then came insulation which made cheap capital costs from electric possible. When it comes from wind power as planned by UMass at about $.05/kw/hr that is the clear energy source of the future with other truly clean energy. Superinsulation makes it even better and if you can afford the capital costs like Gore, then electric energy leveraged by a heat pump can pull heat out of thin air almost like magic. Power plants should be anything but coal. Even the new nukes are better, despite all their problems. But the big problem going all the way back to the cavemen has been wood energy.

    We are walking the razors edge from the past to the future and we have to get away from coal but an even bigger problem is wood smoke air pollution. Dr Larson, for example, measured pm at 800 mcg/m3 in Washington state in the last energy crisis. Coal power plants cause 135 mcg/m3. See what I mean? Y or N?