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Michelle lives in Livingston, Montana, and works as an activist, mother and an environmental attorney. She grew up in Mount Rainier National Park where she learned that children should be allowed limitless opportunities to wander aimlessly in the woods. She believes in the immense power of mothers to positively influence our political systems.

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Here’s what we’re working on in Montana:

Montana is a major coal producing state that prizes its rural character and pristine natural resources. Our coal industry is intertwined with the economy and transport routes of the entire Pacific Northwest region, as well as contributing to local and regional air pollution.

America’s Clean Power Plan will limit the pollution causing climate change – and will have a large impact on the state of Montana. Because Montana has done little to nothing thus far to limit carbon emissions, EPA has set an aggressive standard for our state to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, making it one of the highest emissions reduction targets in the Clean Power Plan.

Faced with this challenge, Montana is showing leadership in finding solutions and has affirmed that it will submit a state plan detailing its strategy to meet the emissions reduction goals. Our Montana chapter promotes strategies to cut carbon emissions in a way that protects both children’s health and the economy. We also work to ensure that coal mining, coal transport, and coal burning is well-regulated, to protect our children and families, and to preserve our open lands and agricultural heritage.

Moms Clean Air Force’s Montana chapter officially launched in July 2015. Field organizer Michelle Uberuaga has built relationships with the Federal delegation–participating in multiple meetings throughout summer 2015 with Senator Tester and Senator Daines and their staff. Moms Clean Air Force Montana has also built a relationship with Governor Bullock’s office.

In addition to our work on Montana’s implementation of America’s Clean Power Plan, we are also working to build an on the ground presence of Moms to advocate for clean air and our children’s health in the state of Montana and in Washington D.C.

America’s Clean Power Plan

America’s Clean Power Plan is an essential tool in addressing climate change and a step forward in protecting our children’s health. The Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan in July 2015. Moms Clean Air Force joined a coalition of allies, including American Lung Association, Climate Smart Missoula, Montana Conservation Voters and more, to help organize support for the Clean Power Plan in Montana and to educate Montanans about the potential health benefits of the plan. Moms Clean Air Force has participated in meetings with Governor Steve Bullock, Attorney General Tim Fox, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Ryan Zinke to discuss America’s Clean Power Plan and to urge them to support setting carbon emission limitations in Montana. On June 21, 2016, Governor Bullock announced a clean energy plan for Montana, setting Montana on course for America’s Clean Power Plan compliance. Governor Bullock committed to this plan and was pushed forward by the hard work of Montana Moms demonstrating the demand for clean air in the state.

We’ve asked Montana families to thank the Governor’s office for working to develop a Montana-made plan. We are urging Attorney General Tim Fox to set aside his federal lawsuit and to work toward solutions for Montanans.


Moms Clean Air Force is working to reduce methane emissions from existing fracking operations. Moms sent a “supermom,” from Livingston, Montana, Erica Lighthiser, to Washington, D.C., November 3-5, 2015, to urge our decision makers to work with President Obama’s administration to prevent methane leaks. Moms is also tabling and gathering signatures to send to the EPA in support of strict methane limitations.

In addition to state-specific work, Moms Clean Air Force Montana is supporting national efforts:

Mercury: We are supporting strong limits on harmful mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Climate Change: We are fighting global warming by supporting policies, namely America’s Clean Power Plan, that will reduce carbon emissions and decrease dangerous co-pollutants.

Smog: Moms Clean Air Force supports EPA’s proposal to strengthen national smog standards.

Clean Energy: We are ensuring that our energy future is renewable, clean, and healthy — for the sake of our children’s health.

Chemical Policy Reform: We are fighting to keep toxic chemicals out of the products we use every day, through joining local efforts to protect families from toxic chemicals and advocating for strong implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (2016).

Natural Gas Pollution: We are demanding strong protections from methane, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful air pollutants associated with fracking and natural gas development.

Montana’s electricity generation by source, 2017:

  • Coal (46%)

  • Hydro (42%)

  • Wind (8%)

  • Natural Gas (1%)

  • Other (4%)

In January 2011, all coal-fired power plants in Montana began using mercury-control technology. According to the Department of Environmental Quality, the State’s rule has resulted in real reductions at all of Montana’s coal plants (770 pounds of mercury were kept out of the air in 2011)

The average carbon reduction nationwide is 30% by 2030. Montana’s proposed target is a carbon emission rate reduction of 21%

In 2011, Montana experienced:

  • Record-breaking heat in 20 counties and a total of 26 broken heat records
  • Record-breaking rainfall in 18 counties and a total of 29 broken rainfall records
  • Record-breaking snow in 11 counties and a total of 14 broken snowfall records

According to the American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air report, 7% of Montana children have asthma

According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 State of the Air report, Missoula, Montana is the 13th most polluted county for short-term particle pollution

Climate change plays a significant role when it comes to Montana air quality due to increased wildfires

How to Call Your Elected Officials

BY Moms Clean Air Force ON January 1, 2017
We’re all used to text and email, and often that’s speedy and effective. But sometimes, the sound of a voice makes all the difference. Now is one of those times. Your members of Congress must hear from you on the issues that matter to you! Click here...

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 13: Moms Clean Air Force Montana is tabling in Big Sky at a family festival.

Saturday, August 19: Join Moms Clean Air Force Montana for a Mama summit, climbing Sacajawea Peak. Email Michelle at to learn more or RSVP.

Saturday, September 16, 9:00am-4:00pm: Join Moms Clean Air Force Montana for a “Play-In for Climate Action” in Helena, in conjunction with the Clean Energy Fair and Sun Run. Location: Lewis and Clark Library, 120 S. Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT. Contact Michelle at for more details or to RSVP.

Weekly Friday Clean Air Kids Hike: Most Montana Moms have one thing in common: we love spending time outside with our kids. And we have so much clean air and so much Montana to explore!

Please join Moms Clean Air Force’s Montana Field Manager, Michelle Uberuaga, for our Friday Clean Air Kids hike. Most of our hikes take place in SW Montana, but we’d love an excuse to travel, meet new moms and explore new hiking trails. Contact Michelle at to join a hike or to help organize a hike in your community.

Past Events

August 2017

Moms Clean Air Force Montana tabled at the Livingston Hoot.

July 2017

Moms Clean Air Force Montana members attended and spoke at an EPA hearing regarding lowering the water quality standards for superfund cleanup.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended a People’s’ Hearing in Bozeman focused on how EPA budget cuts and protective rule rollbacks being proposed would impact Montana families and communities.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended and testified at a EPA Public Meeting in Anaconda focused on water quality standards associated with Superfund clean-up.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana members attended the 2017 Play-In for Climate Action in Washington, DC, where they met with Senator Tester and Senator Daines.

Members of Moms Clean Air Force Montana joined a local business to ride in the Livingston 4th of July parade.

June 2017

Moms Clean Air Force Montana presented at a Rotary Club meeting.

Moms Clean Air Force Montanta hosted a Father’s Day “Missoula Meet-up and Picnic” at Silver Park, including floating the river, fishing, picnic and park meet-up.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a trail ride in Livingston.

May 2017

Moms Clean Air Force attended “Family Adventure Day” with Montana Mountain Mamas, REI and Friends of Hyalite.

April 2017

Moms Clean Air Force attended a screening of Supermom Erica Lighthiser’s HGTV off-grid Montana in Livingston, MT.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana participated in a solidarity climate march with student groups in Missoula, MT.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended a Celebration of Science in Gardiner, MT.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended the March for Science in Bozeman.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana met with staff from Senator Daines’ and Senator Tester’s offices.

March 2017

Supermom, Erica Lighthiser attended a public lands rally in Helena with her family and thanked Senator Tester for his work to protect Montana’s air and water for the next generation.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended a town hall hosted by Senator Tester.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana partnered with Montana Mountain Mamas to bring a bus of Livingston residents to Helena for a solar rally.

February 2017

Moms Clean Air Force Montana participated in the women’s Q-tip march on Senator Daines in Bozeman.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana supermom, Hannah hosted “Bring the town hall to Daines” in Helena.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended a Solar job rally and citizen lobby training in Helena.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended an event hosted by Senator Tester at the Bozeman Library: “Plowing Forward; Farming in a Changing Climate.”

Moms Clean Air Force hosted an outreach event in Missoula.

January 2017

Moms Clean Air Force Montana participated in a Citizen Lobby Day.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended Governor Steve Bullock’s 2017 Kids’ Inaugural Ball in Helena.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana marched in a local Montana Women’s March, part of a network of marches held across the country.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana members traveled to Washington, DC to meet with their Senators and urge them to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head EPA.

December 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana tabled at Bozeman Christmas stroll.

November 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana partnered with Montana Mountain Mamas and hosted a GOTV event at the local brewery.

October 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a presidential debate watch party.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a House Party in Helena.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana tabled at Harvest party.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana tabled at Raptor Fest.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a house party in Missoula.

September 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a Play-In for Climate Action in conjunction with Montana’s Clean Energy Fair and Sun Run.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana partnered with Montana Renewable Energy Association and Sleeping Giants Citizen Council for a Sun Run, Energy Fair and Play-in for Climate Action at the Helena Capitol.

August 2016

Field organizer, Michelle Uberuaga attended the National Park Service 100th centennial and met with Senator Jon Tester’s staff.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted Every Kid in a Park at the Bozeman Public Library to celebrate Yellowstone’s Centennial with Montana Mountain Mamas.

Field organizer, Michelle Uberuaga, and her two-year-old daughter, Neva, provided video testimony for EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program hearing in Chicago.

July 2016

On July 8, 2016, Michelle Uberuaga and a group of Moms and bikes led the Livingston Roundup Parade (attended by 8000 people). The bike brigade followed Governor Steve Bullock.

On July 16, 2016, Michelle Uberuaga hosted the School’s Out Food Drive collection event at the community gardens.

May 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted their first Mama Summit at the Lewis and Clark Caverns.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana members biked across the panhandle of Idaho.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a Mother’s Day Float fishing trip with Montana Mountain Mamas and Montana’s Last Best Outfitters. Attendees included First Lady Lisa Bullock and her three children, and Livingston city council women, Dorel Hoglund and her two daughters. The event was covered by outdoor reporter, Brett French of the Billings Gazette.

April 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a mama hike and meetup.

March 2016

Field Organizer, Michelle Uberuaga hosted a Kids Clean Air Press Conference featuring Governor Bullock, who delivered comments. With over 150 people in attendance, Governor Bullock stated that he will re-instate the Clean Power Plan advisory council if the stay is lifted and in the meantime he is moving forward with a Montana-made clean energy “blueprint.” Citing the Montana constitution he said, “clean air is your right, which makes it my responsibility.”

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a number of Clean Air Kids Hikes.

February 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana tabled at the Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry ski film festival.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana hosted a “Ski-in” at Bridger Bowl. 15 moms participated throughout the day and we gathered 50 beautifully decorated hand prints that we will display in the Capitol building in Helena for our Mama Summit.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana met with a Girl Scout troop in Livingston, MT. The discussion revolved around the importance of clean air and government. 

Moms Clean Air Force Montana held a series of Valentine making parties to send to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy advocating for limits on methane pollution from the oil & gas industry.

January 2016

Moms Clean Air Force Montana attended a “Women in Politics” event.

Moms Clean Air Force Montana started a weekly “clean air” hiking event.

Field organizer, Michelle Uberuaga testified at a legislative subcommittee hearing in Helena on America’s Clean Power Plan and it’s importance to Montana’s children and families.

December 5th, 2015: Moms Clean Air Force Montana co-hosted a Community Canned Food Drive: Food insecurity and Climate Change | Livingston Food Pantry, 202 S. 2nd Street, Livingston

November 3-5, 2015: Montana “Supermom” Erica Lighthiser traveled to Washington D.C.  to urge our elected officials to set strict limitations on methane emissions.

October 28, 2015Three Montana “Supermoms” participated in a telepresser focused on America’s Clean Power Plan; the story was picked up by Montana Public Radio

October 6, 2015Montana Field Manager Michelle Uberuaga met with Attorney General Tim Fox to urge him not to file a lawsuit against America’s Clean Power Plan.

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