Me, My Toxic Couch And Fox News (video)

BY ON February 1, 2013

My couch contains a toxic flame retardant linked to cancer. Your couch probably does too. So, most likely, do your infant car seats, nursing pillows, televisions, and mattresses.

Troubling? I agree.

As I wrote in November, flame retardant chemicals are added to home furnishings and other products “under the guise of protecting my family from fires, and to meet the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 117, the furniture flammability standard that drives the use of flame retardant chemicals nationwide.”

But it doesn’t make us safer. Indeed, when flame retardant chemicals do burn in a fire, they can create more soot and smoke, making fires even more dangerous.

Chlorinated Tris doesn’t stay in the couch, either. Research shows that the chemical migrates out of furniture and into house dust, where it’s inhaled and ingested. Especially by babies and toddlers, who are on the floor and put their hands and toys in their mouths.”

I had the chance to talk to reporter Laura Evans about my couch, and why I’m steamed that chemical companies are profiting while children continue to be exposed to risky chemicals. Check out the news story.


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  • lilkunta

    I saw this on tv. Molly have your kids exhibited effects bc of the flame deterrant? I ‘m all for being pro activ, but I think the bigger danger is not have the fire safeguards. If you house catched afire and your kids were hurt you bc screaming and suing the furniture manufacturer for NOT having fire protections.
    Have you considered a couch cover? Or does the flame deterrant get throught the couch cover ?