MCAF Is Going To BlogHer ’12!

BY ON July 31, 2012

Cartoon of a mass of people wearing "I heart blogging" t-shirts

The Moms Clean Air Force team is headed to the BlogHer ’12 Conference in New York City this week!

What is the BlogHer ’12 Conference?

The BlogHer Conference is an event where thousands of bloggers come together to connect, learn and inspire. This conference is particularly focused on highlighting the skills and talents of women who blog.

Why is MCAF attending?

MCAF is an official non-profit sponsor of the BlogHer ’12 Conference. We hope to meet lots of amazing women (and a few men) at the MCAF booth. We’ll have the opportunity to educate the blogosphere about clean air. We will answer questions about air pollution, children’s health and global warming…and we’ll discuss why these issues are so important for ourselves, our children, and future generations. Last year, hundreds of women joined Moms Clean Air Force at BlogHer ’11, and our hope is to inspire all members of the Force to advocate for clean air and children’s health.

Who will be at BlogHer ‘12 from the MCAF team?

Dominique Browning, MCAF Co-founder and Senior Director
Ronnie Citron-Fink
(me), MCAF Managing Editor
Erin O’Sullivan
, MCAF Campaign Field Manager
Shaun Dakin
, MCAF Director of Social Media

Also, a few of our fabulous bloggers and friends will be stopping by to help out at the booth.

Special MCAF BlogHer ‘12 Conference events:

If you’ll be attending BlogHer ‘12, please stop by and say hi. MCAF will be at Booth #309. If you can not attend, you can see photos from last year’s conference right HERE. And of course, we always love receiving your comments and questions. Please leave us a note in the comment box below!

Cartoon used with permission: Michael Maslin


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  • Carolyn

    When you speak at the conference, please take a bow because OhioAmerican Energy, Inc., a Subsidiary of Murray Energy Corporation today announced the closure of its coal mining operations near Brilliant, Jefferson County, Ohio.

    Oh wait, before you jump for joy, remember that you are celebrating the 239 lost jobs and have put that many people on the unemployment lines. The CEO is so distraught at laying off people who have worked for him for decades he could barely speak.

    He added:
    “There will be additional layoffs, not only at Murray Energy, but alsothroughout the United States coal industry due to Mr. Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ andthe destruction that it has caused to so many jobs and families in the Ohio Valleyarea and elsewhere,” said Mr. Murray. “Both Mr. Obama and Vice President JoeBiden stated that there would be ‘no coal in America’ prior to their elections,” saidMr. Piasecki. “They are making good on their intentions while they destroy somany lives and family livelihoods in this area for no benefit whatsoever,” he concluded.

    STILL HAPPY????????????????/ Your Clean Air Force is killing jobs. What if YOUR father or grandfather mined coal for a living?

  • Marcia G. Yerman

    Dear Carolyn:
    Having written extensively about the impact of coal on those who have mined it for years (Ordinary Citizens Fight Big Coal In “The Last Mountain”), your reaction ignores the voices of those who have been part of the coal producing community who have come to the understanding that coal impacts both the land and their health. Jobs and clean air are not mutually exclusive. If anything, building a sustainable economy will not only help the country, but insure that the planet is around for the next century. I hope you will take a look at the my piece on “The Last Mountain.”