Interview: Virginia Senator Mamie E. Locke

BY ON May 11, 2015

This is an exclusive Moms Clean Air Force interview with Virginia Senator Mamie E. Locke:

Virginia Senator Mamie E. LockeWhat is unique about protecting Virginia’s resources?

Virginia is a state with natural beauty and resources. From the mountains, rivers, to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, these resources are valuable and must be protected for future generations.

Are you worried about the effects of climate change on the children of Virginia?

Climate change is a reality and has serious implications for children of Virginia. Of course, I am worried about the impact of climate change on future generations. That is why it is important that we protect the environment now.

Why is a bipartisan effort so important and how can these efforts be achieved in our politically polarizing culture?

The polarization occurs when there is not an acknowledgement of the reality of issues like climate change, global warming and sea level rise. These are facts, not myths. Working on these issues on a bipartisan basis can help with the achievement of results that come from the collective input from varying perspectives.

Is there anything you’d like to share that is important for Moms Clean Air Force members to know?

The protection of Virginia’s resources and environment are very important and I look forward to working with Moms Clean Air Force members in doing so.

Dr. Mamie E. Locke is a native of Mississippi.  She has lived in Hampton, Virginia for over thirty years. She is a professor of political science at Hampton University where she teaches courses in race and gender politics as well as public policy.  As a practitioner, she has served on the city council and as the mayor of Hampton and currently in the state senate of Virginia.  She serves on the following committees: Education and Health, Local Government, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and General Laws and Technology.  She is also a member of the Virginia Housing Commission (vice chair), Joint Committee Studying Sea Level Rise (vice chair),  Martin Luther King Memorial Commission (vice chair) and the Joint Commission on Technology and Science.  She is the Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.  Dr. Locke is passionate about education, housing, the environment, health care, and being a voice for the voiceless.


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