How Clean Is the Electricity I Use?

View the EPA Emissions Calculator HERE.


In the United States, energy is frequently generated by combusting fossil fuels, which can lead to unhealthy air quality, acid rain, and global climate change. 

Because energy is generated in a wide variety of ways across the United States, it’s important to know exactly what impact your electricity provider is having on the environment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions Calculator allows you to plug in your zip code and view how the emissions caused by your power provider compare to the national average.  The Emissions Calculator both rates the mix of fuel in your electricity, and compares the levels of nitrogin dioxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon dioxide in your electricity.

The Emissions Calculator will also provide you with a Power Profiler Report so you can see in every day language exactly how many pounds of pollutants are attributable to the electricity you use in your home and business.  Most importantly, you’ll also receive advice and guidance for how to green your energy consumption and purchase green power from one of your local energy providers.