Climate Cancer

BY ON September 26, 2013

earth with two band aids covering it

Here’s an intriguing angle on why the new carbon pollution rules are so important — and why we need your support. I recently met someone I have long admired: Seth Godin. I think of him as a cultural philosopher. We talked about our work at Moms Clean Air Force, about how difficult it is to communicate the urgency to unite against the pollution causing global warming. Seth suggested that our language could change. We shouldn’t be talking about global warming. “Global” gives us positive feelings, he argued, and so does “warming.” Instead, we should be talking about “Atmosphere Cancer.” When we have cancer, we don’t deny the science or avoid the problem. We fight it with everything in our power. Climate cancer? Climate disease? I haven’t stopped thinking about his point — the mark of a thought-provoking conversation. And just as we would at the doctor’s office, we have to focus on basics:
  • Carbon is a potent greenhouse gas — a climate polluter. And it is changing our climate in dangerous ways.
  • Power plants are the country’s largest source of carbon pollution, but there are absolutely no national limits on carbon pollution. That’s plain wrong.
Now we have a powerful Rx. We can clean up. Administrator Gina McCarthy has released historic rules to limit carbon pollution from power plants. But she must hear our voices in support. Doctors, nurses, scientists, religious leaders, business leaders — and many responsible utility owners — support these rules. Even the Supreme Court ruled that EPA has the obligation to regulate carbon pollution. The only way to slow global warming is to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It is up to us to unite — and support Administrator McCarthy. EPA Administrator McCarthy is a mom. She understands that the decisions we make now about how to treat climate cancer will affect all of us for the rest of our lives.


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  • Ted Treanor

    Recommendation to Seth’s “Atmosphere Cancer”. What about…

    Air Cancer AND Climate Fever

  • Frank

    If we don’t abandon our industrial economy based on growth than emissions savings mean nothing.
    In the end, we need to de-industrialize, that is the only way. So-called electricity producing green energy is a farce. We will never run industrial society without fossil fuels.
    You want to see green technology? – check out how the Amish live.