Clean Power Plan: A Historic Milestone to Limit Climate Pollution

BY ON October 23, 2015

Family with hands raised in victory watching a sunrise


On Friday, October 23, 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency published America’s Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register.

Read the official statement from Moms Clean Air Force below:

By publishing America’s Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register today, the Environmental Protection Agency has passed a historic milestone in setting the first ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants. This is a major victory for moms and dads across the country, who care about our children’s health and future. As the first national effort to limit the pollution causing climate change, America’s Clean Power Plan is the first step on a path to zero greenhouse gas emissions and a clean energy revolution. Corporate polluters and their attorneys will unleash a barrage of lawsuits aimed at dismantling these critical public health protections. Families across the country see these lawsuits for what they are: Cynical attempts to circumvent public support for pollution controls. We must cut the carbon pollution that threatens our children, our communities, and our way of life.



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