Break Your Silence

BY ON October 19, 2012

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Over here at Moms Clean Air Force, I’ve been–I’ll admit it–depressed, thinking that the candidates have blown their chance to talk about the most important issue facing our planet. Climate Change.

Two debates down. A moderator who says, “Whoops! Ran out of time to ask about climate. So sorry!”

Well, I’m sorry too. And I’m angry, as well.

Two debates about “domestic policy” and not one word has been uttered about the chaotic domestic weather we’ve been enduring. Not one word about our unreliable climate. Not one word about the pain and suffering visited upon millions of Americans because of runaway greenhouse gas pollution.

And now, one debate left to go. The topic? Foreign policy.

I’ve been walking around in a funk about this, my mental climate as agitated as it has ever been, thinking, well, that’s that. We won’t hear a word.

And then, the lightbulb–LED, naturally–popped on!

We have one more chance–before we vote–to ask that the candidates talk about climate change.

Because climate change is one of the most urgent and important foreign policy issues Americans will  ever face.

Climate change is a foreign policy issue for military reasons.
Our military leaders know this. They know that their soldiers–our husbands and wives, our children–are the ones whose lives are on the line when wars break out over the shrinking resources caused by water shortages and unproductive land. That’s why our military leaders, never known for their radicalism, are pushing for innovative sustainable energies. They want to keep our soldiers out of harm’s way.

Climate change is a foreign policy issue for economic reasons.
America has long been a global leader in engineering innovation and entrepreneurial ingenuity. That’s what it takes to create solutions to large, seemingly impossible problems. We put people on the moon! We cannot lose our edge in technological innovation–the first time in our history that we will have done so. We need to reassert our leadership so that we can build solutions–global solutions–to climate chaos, together.

Climate change is a foreign policy issue for humanitarian reasons.
Americans are blessed with a land that is rich in resources: abundant and fertile farmlands, oceans of plenty to feed us. Not every country has the luxuries we do; and not everyone in this country partakes of our bounty. We have a moral obligation, as good people, to care for one another. Far distant archipelagos may be underwater first, but our own shores will also be threatened. Already, Florida and other coastal areas  are feeling the effects of climate change. Our love of people knows no national boundaries.

Climate change is a foreign policy issue. Because we are all in this together. All of us. All over the world.
Our Earth’s atmosphere has been compromised by air pollution. And we all breathe the same air, when you get right down to it. We need international cooperation from the largest polluters around the globe to move toward a low-carbon economy. China, India and the US are among the worst for global greenhouse gas emissions. We must ask the candidates to give us their plans to work with these countries to slow, and then reverse, the changing climate that is bringing the world tragic and extreme storms, flooding, heat waves, and droughts.

Noah had to choose only a pair of every single species to enter his Ark. Is that a position we want to put our children in?

Whether you believe the story of Noah and his Ark literally, or metaphorically, makes no difference. The fact is, life in a world with an unreliable, chaotic climate means that we–and our children–are going to face some very hard choices about who lives. And who dies.

We don’t have to go there. Anywhere in the world.

Tell our candidates: Break Your Climate Silence.

Or imagine how you are going to look your children in the eye and answer one, sad question: “Why didn’t you stop this?”


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  • Thank you for this.

  • larusargentatus

    Best of luck with the petition. I was unable to sign it as I am overseas in the Republic of Ireland and your form refuse to recognise my address as valid. Best wishes,

  • J S

    I don’t see a convincing case anywhere for such alarm over our greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the climate system. The most plausible arguments I have come across point to a modest warming effect even from doubling CO2 levels for example. Combined with the increased CO2 aiding agriculture, this warming would be beneficial. Cooling would give us more cause for concern, and factors leading to cooling may well be more important than those contributing to warming. The next few decades may illustrate this.

    • A Siegel

      While it might be nice to think like this, this does not comport with the science and the challenges that we are already encountering. In addition to warming, there is the far more serious sets of issues of disrupted weather patterns, extreme weather, unpredictability for agricultural production, etc … As to the “increased CO2”, the actual literature is that the impacts of climate change — writ large — will harm agriculture, not benefit it. Have you paid attention to what happened to corn this year, for example? And, well, sure, lets wait a few more decades dilly-dallying to see what will happen and drive even more nails into our coffins. Pay attention to actual science …

  • If indeed climate change will hurt food production, climate change may become a huge international economic and security issue.

  • Some kind of Wonderful

    In case you guys missed the memo: Glass half full

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy say 68 scientists

    The warming has stopped for 16 years.

    Despite many city record highs set in summer of 2012 no State record highs were set in 2012.

    CO2 is not the thermostat of the climate.

    Severe weather is not increasing.

    CO2 does not cause severe weather increase

    National Interagency Fire Center says forest fires are trending down

    Strong tornadoes were more frequent in the past

    New record: 7 years since Florida hit by a hurricane

    New record: 7 years since US hit by a major hurricane

    No increase in severe floods due to warming

    Warming does not cause increase in droughts

    CO2 is a trace gas essential to life on Earth. Plants take it in and in exchange slip us some oxygen of which we have become rather fond. CO2 is green. We need more of it. It is not a pollutant.

    Isn’t that great news? No need for the fear and guilt we have endured for the last twenty years of the climate crisis that wasn’t. We seem to enjoy scaring ourselves.

    no need for all the policies aimed to cure a non-existent problem. Much
    money wasted. Many crony capitalists made out like bandits.

    We owe CO2 an apology for conduct demeaning to an essential gas.

    Take a deep breath. Relax. Chill. Things are better than we think.

    We can go back to using more than the one sheet that Sheryl Crow advises.

    Reduce your energy use to save money not the planet.

    Bad stuff happens but our rambunctious planet is fine. Your kids and mine will be fine.

    CO2 was exhaled during the creation of this post. No living thing was harmed. Some even liked it.