With One Signature, We Are Safer

BY ON June 23, 2016
A historic event in Washington D.C. happened yesterday that did not make headlines, but it should have. On Wednesday, June 22, President Obama signed into law a bill that will change the way the Environmental Protection Agency regulates chemicals. Thousands of you, members of Moms...

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Toxic Chemicals Found in Residents Living Near Oil and Gas Operations in Wyoming

BY ON June 22, 2016
This originally posted on EcoWatch: A coalition of community and environmental health groups released Thursday a first-of-its-kind research combining air monitoring methods with new biomonitoring techniques to determine if toxic air emissions from natural gas operations could be detected in the bodies of nearby residents. The study, When the Wind...

TOPICS: Fracking, Natural Gas, Toxics, Wyoming

Interactive Map Shows Where Toxic Air Pollution From Oil and Gas Industry Is Threatening 12.4 Million Americans

BY ON June 21, 2016
This originally posted on EcoWatch: Two leading national environmental groups — Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and Earthworks — unveiled a suite of tools Wednesday designed to inform and mobilize Americans about the health risks from toxic air pollution from the oil and gas industry. For...

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