The Song Of Our Warming Planet (video)

BY ON July 9, 2013
What does climate change sound like? Using music to convey climate science, University of Minnesota undergrad, Daniel Crawford creates a haunting message with the rising notes of his cello. Crawford based “A Song of Our Warming Planet” on a set of climate data from NASA’s...

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Climate Deniers: The Usual Suspects Weigh In

BY ON July 8, 2013
“What did you think of Obama’s climate speech?” This was the question people were asking. I monitored talking heads from both sides. They came up with the usual right/left talking points they always espouse. I experienced a few surprises. One was from a commenter on...


Two Republican Parents Speak Out On Global Warming

BY ON July 2, 2013
This was written by Tina Beatte, Chair, ConservAmerica and Rob Sisson, President, ConservAmerica: In 2001, Americans set aside our political differences and united against a common threat. Sadly, that was the last time politicians had their priorities in order. Even the tragedies of Superstorm Sandy...

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