New Music Video Raises Awareness On Climate Change

BY ON November 22, 2013
This originally appeared on EcoWatch: Five prominent environmental groups have joined together with Canadian musician Gaiaisi to release a music video to raise awareness of the most critical issues facing the human race — climate change. With extreme weather events becoming the new normal, global temperatures reaching record...


Tired of Negativity?

BY ON November 21, 2013
Tired of negativity? I am. I fall into it myself — and it feels awful. Or there’s the “Oh Dear, there’s nothing I can do” feeling. Depressing. So many things are working against solving huge and urgent problems. But then I meet people who give...

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Activism Burnout? Try Naptime Activism!

BY ON November 20, 2013
No need for activism burnout if you are a member of Moms Clean Air Force. Our moms and dads do Naptime Activism! What is Naptime Activism? This means you can do things to make the world better, safer, and cleaner – while your child naps,...

TOPICS: Activism