Michigan Needs Renewable Energy Now

BY ON January 9, 2014
This post was written by William McMullin for OpEd News: We need to get to work on promoting clean energy. Clean energy is more sustainable and reliable than fossil fuels, requires the same daily planning for grid operators, and keeps energy prices stable. Michigan predominantly...

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Top 8 Children’s Health Stories Of 2013

BY ON January 7, 2014
As I reflect on 2013, with my kids shrieking joyfully in the background, I am reminded that massive change starts out slow. Back when I had my daughters in 2005 and 2007, we were just beginning to learn about BPA, flame retardants, phthalates, and other...

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Interview: Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak

BY ON January 7, 2014
This is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview with Pittsburgh City Councilwoman, Natalia Rudiak: MCAF: What is unique about protecting Pittsburgh’s resources? Councilwoman Rudiak: As Pittsburgh’s economy has changed, we’ve wisely moved toward balancing our economic well-being with our environmental well-being. While we have...

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