Author: Mark R. Burns

Mark R. Burns

Mark Burns is a playwright and screenwriter whose credits include the screenplays for Married to the Mob and She-Devil. His most recent play, The Club, is a dark comedy about a violent clash of American values at a 13-hole golf course in the rural Northeast. He is currently writing a screenplay about the evolution of the ecosystem on a Texas bison ranch and its fight for survival against hydrofrackers. The father of three sons, he has lived in the Hudson Valley of New York for 20 years.


College, Asthma And Zombies

BY ON September 5, 2013

Summer is Big Movie time. I finally caught up to World War Z. Brad Pitt striving to save humanity from swarms of speedy, agile, voracious zombies. Suspending most of my disbelief, I thoroughly enjoyed …

TOPICS: Asthma, Schools

Dad Skills

BY ON June 15, 2012

When Father’s Day rolls around I find myself being included in the idea of “Father” as reflected in the popular–and consumer–culture. As evidenced in the flood of ad circulars and TV spots, Father is the …

TOPICS: Activism, Dads, Politics, Pollution

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