Author: Alexandra Zissu

Alexandra Zissu

Alexandra Zissu is an eco lifestyle expert, writer, speaker, and consultant. She’s the author of The Conscious Kitchen, Planet Home, The Complete Organic Pregnancy, and The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat. She has worked for New York Magazine, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Lifetime and Details magazines, The New York Observer and Women’s Wear Daily, and her stories have appeared in dozens of publications.

She speaks often about all things eco-friendly at private firms, mothers’ groups, schools, non-profits, and industry expos, and consults about green living for individuals and organizations. Though she should probably be on a biodynamic farm in Vermont, or growing dill in Finland, she actually lives in New York City, across the street from where she grew up, with her (organic) family.

Autism Risk Linked to Air Pollution

BY ON June 16, 2015
As anyone in or involved with the autism community knows, research around environmental triggers is hot. The latest study out of University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, published in Environmental Research, shows that exposure to fine particulate air pollution during pregnancy and through...

TOPICS: Autism, Motherhood, Ozone, Toxics

Camp Fresh Air

BY ON July 2, 2012
I should be working but instead I’m Googling natural tick repellents, digging through the hall closet to see if we still have rain boots that fit, and worrying, especially about ozone. It hit well over 90 degrees in my hometown of New York City last...

TOPICS: Asthma, Motherhood, Pollution, Social Justice

Clean Air From The Inside Out

BY ON March 28, 2012
I’m not much of a product person, but I spend a lot of time answering questions from people who want advice on what eco-products to buy. Environmentalists are fond of saying that we cannot shop our way out of our current problems. And I agree....

TOPICS: Pollution, Science

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