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Ana Flores

Ana was born in Houston to parents from El Salvador, and grew up in El Salvador before returning to the US for college. With over 15 years of experience as a television producer and content creator, with a specialty in the U.S. Hispanic industry, she has reinvented herself as a blogger and social media strategist. In December of 2010, Ana appeared on the cover of Hispanic Business Magazine as “The New Face of Social Media.” She now works — and is raising a family — in Los Angeles, where she recently launched another new venture, Latina Bloggers Connect.

Did You Know Asthma is An Epidemic Among Latino Kids?

BY ON August 10, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at SpanglishBaby You read that right,  Latino kids suffer much more from dirty air and it’s effects, such as asthma.  In fact, 60% of Latino children are more likely to suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions as compared to non-Latino...

TOPICS: Pollution

The Power of Mumsnet Online

BY ON July 20, 2011
Turn on the news today and you are likely to catch a headline or two about the accusations Rupert Murdoch and his media companies are facing in England. The scandal has hit grand proportions–enough for many to consider his resignation from his own conglomerate a...

TOPICS: Activism, Politics, Social Justice

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