Free E-Book! Asthma Triggers: A Guide For Parents, Teachers, Doctors And Nurses

BY ON May 16, 2013

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Moms Clean Air Force has created a free e-book called, ASTHMA TRIGGERS: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses. Asthma is a national epidemic. Nearly 26 million Americans live with asthma — including 7 million children! While we can control some of the asthma triggers in our homes, we can only protect ourselves from air pollution triggers by supporting strong regulations to clean our air.

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently proposed a very important regulation, with the support of the automobile industry: the Tier 3 Standards. The rule will clean up our gasoline and tailpipe emissions.

The air near major roadways is a notoriously noxious mix of diesel exhaust, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, coarse particles, smaller particles (or soot), as well as the ground level ozone (or smog) that results from these emissions. These pollutants, alone and in combination, damage our children’s lungs: they trigger asthma attacks, they impede normal lung development in children, and they may actually cause the underlying disease of asthma to develop in children without asthma.

The  Tier 3 Standards will reduce levels of dangerous traffic pollution across the nation.

Remember, we share the air. That’s why Moms Clean Air Force is uniting to protect strong clean air standards–the promise of the Clean Air Act signed into law more than forty years ago by Democrats AND Republicans.

We hope you will find this e-book helpful–and that you will use it in good health.

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  • Danica Ralls Kramer

    And Respiratory Therapists!

  • Airin

    I live in the state of NH which is one of the least populated states and has one of the highest asthma rates in the country! I live in a small city of 24,000 and our air pollution in the winter months is worse than Boston–and it’s all because of woodsmoke pollution! Please protect our precious children and the greater good against wood smoke pollution through education and advocacy to stop wood burning! Wood smoke pollution is a major source of pollution that occurs right in our neighborhoods and homes where according to the EPA indoor levels can reach up to 70% of the outdoor levels of particle pollution. Our bodies are incapable of filtering these fine particulates that lodge deep in our lungs which can cause coughing, irritation, and permanent scarring and other health problems as well such as asthma and cancer.