Another Win for Clean Air

BY ON August 4, 2017

Family enjoying clean air

Sometimes we need a reminder that what we do works. This week, we got just that.

After feeling the pressure from so many families and states—who ask simply for clean air to breathe—Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt withdrew an unlawful delay that would have postponed standards that protect us from dangerous smog pollution. Common sense won. Children, families, and those most vulnerable can breathe easier.

We’ve been unrelenting in letting this administration know that our right to clean air, clean water, and good health is never on the table. No one voted to Make America Dirty Again. (Tweet this)

We will continue to hold this administration accountable—and to let them know that they will not get away with rolling back protections that keep our families’ safe and healthy and preserve our world for generations to come. Your work has made a tremendous difference in making that message loud and clear.

Thank you, and I hope you are inspired to keep fighting.


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