5 Things You Should Know About the California Drought

Human civilization has thrived during the 10,000 years that we had a stable climate. Global warming is upending everything from our weather patterns to our health and safety. While climate scientists are still trying to understand exactly how the current drought in California is impacted by climate change, they have warned for decades that as our planet warms, dry places will get drier, and wet places will get wetter. And given how much of America’s food comes from California, we are all affected by this enduring drought.

Here are five things you should know about the California drought:









TOPICS: Climate Change, Heat and Extreme Weather

  • Christian Hartleben

    The situation is much worse than the infographic suggests, when you realize that farmers haven’t been getting their water from the reservoirs – and that over-pumped groundwater will be gone within a few years. When the farmers demand water, will they take it from the frackers? From the residents?

    Go East, California. Leave the West Coast, move to the Wet Coast.

  • protn7


  • ianbodgerbrown

    We can’t survive without water but Californians could survive without fracking gas.

    • gwayne

      But the politicians cannot do without the unlimited campaign contributions(Citizens United) from the oil company CEO`s,dividends lovers and those who think that fracking jobs income is so damned great that they cannot allow themselves to care very much as they can either turn the A/C cooler,vacation in the cooler climates or ignore the water that is being wasted creating an even bigger problem through AGW. The world will eventually see just how bad it can get and in hindsight will only think correctly when it directly effects them and theirs.Until that time arrives it is pedal to the metal.Good luck Californians at arriving at the right decision.

    • ianbodgerbrown

      Your reply makes no sense whatsoever!

  • Tak

    We’ve got a big fat ridge of high pressure air sitting off the coast, deflecting the usual Pacific storms away. This is normal, but for it to last for years at a time is definitely NOT normal. I’ve heard this may be due to ocean warming (which is happening – especially deep oceans), which is likely due to global warming, tho it’s always difficult to pin these things to a specific cause. If it is, and this becomes the new norm, we need to seriously rethink how we use what little water we have.

    • D Harlo

      Well if that pressure system doesnt collapse or things dont change in the next 10 years, we might be in it for the long haul..Been living in So Cal for 36 years and my family since 65′. Ive seen droughts come and go but I do not remember every day being so windy with such short quick bursts. I can feel the oceans getting angry or something…

  • mizlagrange

    You can’t survive without water, but you CAN survive without the meat and dairy being propagated and harvested in this country. The amount of water needed to produced a lb of meat is astonishing and a selfish, unevolved reflection on our society. Apparently, thanks to our Beef, Dairy, Poultry and animal killing industries, we can’t survive without cheese and meat on our plates everyday.

    • Jimbo

      Why did the moderators twice delete a link I shared to a lecture by Alan savory. He essentially describes the steps necessary to not only prevent but reverse global warming and desertification. It’s just mass ignorance and the mods I guarantee didn’t take the time to watch it. That’s really disgusting censorship. I feel like they should apologize to me and ask me to send them the link so they can watch it and judge for themselves. He even describes in his video how difficult it is to change a mindset and the present day one is as wrong as how we once thought the earth was flat.


    I realize that NO ONE gets out of here alive~FACT.
    If we all just do the best we know how to & raise OUR own consciousness~
    My advice~BE HAPPY!
    Tried to ascend, fell on my ass. SMILES & TRUTH?

  • gwayne

    Fracking,meat and grain production for the CAFO`s,cotton,methanol and the industrial agriculture practices need more water than non-industrial agriculture.Why these practices are allowed to be conducted in a state with such water limitations is only a political decision away from proper planning and limits imposed so the swimming pools and car(lovers) washers and a happy water squandering populace can again enjoy themselves within their hedonistic lifestyles.Who really needs food when you can go cruising in your lowrider.There`s always a convenient ripoff store where you can find pop or beers and gas for the cruisers.Life is so good for the rolling boom boxes.

  • Wanda Allen

    Take a look at the 1st picture and research, geoengineering. Thats where the answers lie. Geoengineeringwatch,org Did you know Monsanto owns aluminum resistant seeds?

  • JussMee

    Our weather has been manipulated for years now. Marine life die-offs, plants, insects, birds….. When are people going to understand the ecosystem collapses that we are seeing is directly related to ill affects of engineered climate! Look the hell UP! Look at the massive aerosols in the air 24 hours at most before a significant storm (depending on where you live) But, other days, hardly no trails at all. Is the scientific troll going to tell me that planes travel more often during or before bad weather? LoL Here is a bucket of sand, feel free to go ahead and put your head in it. ha ha! *kidding* 😀